Brian Swann in the introduction to Wearing the Morning Star: Native American Song-Poems explains the nature of song sounds. He elaborates in a note:

Vocables, until recently dubbed "meaningless syllables," can in fact be very complex. It has been pointed out, for example, that in Kwakiutl songs vocabalic introductions prefigured in microcosm the structure of the song as a whole, and David P. McAllester has said that the same thing can be seen in Navajo songs [...]

The semantic is not merely verbal. Meaning resides in what may appear or sound like nonsense. Further, the apparently meaningful is not always the effective. The value of nonsense comes to make sense.

Pattern. "Noise" is also a verb. Push to pull and the door opens as if you went in by the out door, if neither are locked, and you're on the other side.

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