From Asobi: The Sensibilities at Play by Yoshida Mitsukuni
published in 1987 from two places and partners (Tokyo: Cosmo Public Relations Corp. Hiroshima: Mazda Motor Corporation)

Gambling emerged as a form of play in which the players gave themselves up entirely to the almighty power of chance. The lure of gambling lies in the apparent promise that all men have an equal chance of good fortune; talent, skill, and experience count for nothing. The promise, of course, is not necessarily fulfilled, for only a fortunate few win, while the majority are destined for disappointment. Despite the high risk, people cannot resist the thought that chance might miraculously favor them, and the excitement of expectation can make them feel intensely the sensation of being alive. Even if briefly, it has the power to overshadow all the hardships that are man’s lot in life.

Note: the democratizing power of lottery and the invigourating aspects of contemplating good luck.

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