A commonplace blog is like the tape recorders described in The Ticket That Exploded by William S. Burroughs.

Here are some excerpts spliced into a new ordering:

A tape recorder is an externalized section of the human nervous system.

You are to infiltrate, sabotage and cut communications [...] A camera and two tape recorders can cut the lines laid down by a fully equipped film studio [...] And always remember you are operating under conditions of guerrilla war — Never attempt to hold a position under massive attack [...] The operation of retreat on this level involves shifting three-dimensional coordinate points that is time travel on association lines

listen to your present time tapes and you will begin to see who you are and what you are doing here     mix yesterday in with today and hear tomorrow your future rising out of old recordings     you are a programmed tape recorder set to record and play back

who programs you

who decides what tapes play back in present time

who plays back your old humiliations and defeats holding you in prerecorded preset time

Word evokes image does it not? —— Try it —— Put an image track on screen and accompany it with any sound track —— Now play the sound track back alone and watch the image track fill in —— So? What is word? —— Maya —— Maya —— [...] a Morse code of color flashes —— or odors or music or tactile senstations —— Anything can represent words and letters and association blocks —— Go on try it and see what happens —— science pure science

Just what does it mean to be held in "rerecorded preset time"? To be held in time? How would it differ from passing through time?

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