Increments of incrimination

Martin Buber Tales of the Hasidim: The Early Masters translated by Olga Marx

Zusya's account of the "incomplete" angel-accuser that emerges from acts of sin

The Accuser

This is Rabbi Zusya's comment on the pasage in the Sayings of the Fathers: 'He who commits one transgression has gotten himself one accuser.' "Every sin begets an accusing angel. But I have never seen a complete angel spring from the sin of a devout man of Israel. Sometimes he lacks a head; sometimes his body is crippled. For when a man of Israel believes in God, believes in him even while he is sinning, his heart aches, and what he does, he does not do with all his will, and so the angel never emerges complete."

Reminds one of the Buddhist teaching about how the seeds of hate shrivel up while tending with loving kindness to one's affairs in the world, especially as related by Thich Nhat Hanh.

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