Francois Lachance Says:
May 4th, 2006 at 15:45
The blog voice, as any writing voice, is a filtering attractor. The game of blogging is also like tag mixed with scavenger hunt. Setting the question of self-fashioning aside, the blog is contract with the quotidien. It is a promise to engage with language. Not only from the perspective of a writer but also as a reader, one takes on a chunk at a time. The entry may be whole but the series is open and unconcluded (even if its author is no longer posting). Blogging is a celebration of the connectivity of the fragment. Beyond this knitting there is the reader approach to blog reading. Blogs are read as exemplary. Blog as basket not for self-presentation but for gathering pieces of an evaluative mosaic.

Without uttering a word, by writing, the commentator "says".

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