Unknown and Unknowing

Garrison Keillor in a story "My Life in Prison" collected in We are Still Married: Stories and Letters provides the following opening to entice curiosity:

Ever since the day I first walked out onstage and blinked and cleared my throat, people have written some terrible things about me that aren't true, but it doesn't matter. I've done a lot of terrible things in secret that nobody wrote about, so it all evens out.

Apart from the score keeping, there is a hint here of an area of experience that is inaccessible either to the speaking subject or the observing subject. There is that which is not known by us or by the other. It's represent by one of the quadrants of the Johari window (that which is not known by the self or by the other).

Plot lines often begin tracing their paths from what I know and you don't or vice versa. Less often, they begin and end in what is truly unknown to either.

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