Garamond for the Millennium

My copy of this short but illuminating article is a photocopy, clipped. From internal evidence I know of its having appeared at sometime in EyeWire - no indication of time or place. One sentence is highlighted in pink marker:

Ms. Warde had to publish her research under a man's name for it to be accepted, and not until her work achieved recognition could she tell the world who really wrote it.

Robin Williams in "The Official Typeface of the New Millennium" chose Garamond for a variety of reasons related to its gracefulness and also for a side note about its history. To whit, "in 1926 Beatrice Warde successfully proved that it was designed by Jean Jannon, not Claude Garamond, 80 years after Claude died in 1561 (it was based on Garamond's type designs)." Hence the conclusion drawn by Ms. Williams: "So this typeface that will take us into the new millennium has important contributions from both men and women in the field of typography."

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