Mumbo Jumbo

I unfolded what looked like a topographic map of Pikwakwud Creek in the Kenora District (Patricia Portion) of Ontario to find on the obverse a poster for Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo appearing at the Silver Dollar at 1 A.M. "Tonight". The poster advertises "Cajun-inflected psycho Blues that can make the dead get up and dance!" and on internal evidence (the quotations from newspapers all date from '92 to '94) I would venture to peg the event of the group's appearance at the Silver Dollar (a venue located in Toronto) to the mid 90s. And a bit of searching tells the story of their longevity. See where they proudly boast of "Celebrating 20 years of HooDoo".

I'm sure the poster got folded up among my files because I was at the time interested in magic and Black American writing. Of course, my shelves contained Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo. They also housed Mama Day by Gloria Naylor and the rich tapestry of Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo by ntozake shange. And the criticism of Houston A. Baker Jr. Workings of the Spirit: The Poetics of Afro-American Women's Writing. The books still reside in my library and I can thank some wise recycler of maps for finding my way back to a universe of historical and theoretical lore arising out of lived experience, resilience and a quest for the future.

Time to check out the video store to see if they have a copy of Julie Dash's Daughters of the Dust which I want to see again and which is now I learn also a novel.

And so for day 780