Travels With Oscar

Oscar of Between was announced in Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing by Betsy Warland.

It was then she became a writer.

Oscar was not yet then, but only Betsy. It takes four and half decades. In her sixtieth year, she chooses a parallel given name. Oscar. Names her unnamed self.
And it takes only an instant to become accustomed to referring to Oscar as she. What is intriguing about the website where Oscar of Between lives is the interleaving of work by Guest Writers and Artists. Along with the curating, moderated comments supplement the work-in-progress. As the work unfolds, one finds there kernels that invite further speculation and elaboration, kernels such as
Post bilateral mastectomy, others’ expectations. For prostheses. That Oscar.

— pros(e)thesis —
a kernel that appears at first to be mere back story and yet enables further unfolding of possible connections when one searches for that exact combination "pros(e)thesis" — thus fans out the theory writing into terms of embodiment and flesh —

[See Chris Land's marshalling of the construction "prose(e)thesis" in relation to the work of N. Katherine Hayles in Technology, Text, Subject: ‘After’ the Human in Tamara: Journal of Critical Postmodern Organization Science Vol 3 (4) 2005.] More in betweens for Oscar and Warland explorers.

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