Hard & Hand Wiring

Hand-brain connections at play? David Suzuki introduction to Pebbles to Computers: The Thread. Revealing typo appears in the context of filtering. The note of novelty induced by the typo "handwiring" suggests evolutionary connections.

Like all other organisms, we have the ability to receive information about the world through our sensory apparatus. That information is far from complete. We also have the ability to filter out, from among the many inputs, the signals that we deem important. The filtering mechanisms are conditioned by handwiring (inborn neural circuitry) and learning-through-experience. Thus, we create reality, and that reality is highly personal.
We can speculate that much of our filtering occurs via the hand and its connections. Reminds one of images of the Wilder Penfield inspired cortical homunculus where the hand is almost as large as the face. Hard wired for hand sensing.

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