Labrys Rising

Andrea Dworkin
Lesbian Pride
in Our Blood: Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics

Delivered at a rally in Central Park

The structure of the address is simple: three sources of lesbian meaning and power and to close, an admonishment that rocky days lay ahead. Her three meanings: love and respect of women; erotic bond with women; and mother-daughter connection. And these were not mere abstractions. Take for instance her characterization of the erotic bond. It's bold.

[B]eing a lesbian means that there is an erotic passion and intimacy which comes of touch and taste, a wild, salty tenderness, a wet sweet sweat, our breasts, our mouths, our cunts, our intertangled hairs, our hands.
In closing with an invocation of the difficult struggle on the horizon, Dworkin is almost addressing warriors. One recalls that the labyrs symbol used to be worn by many a proud amazon. O where have all the radical lesbians gone?

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