Three Business Cards (Redux)

Reading the ephemera.

As their business gets more complicated (more stores; more products), their business cards become simplified. As befits the era of search engines combing the World Wide Web, the URL is no longer inscribed. Indeed the oldest card has a long URL ( with the domain name of the hosting company (pathcom). Now it's simply and as befits the 21st century not on their card.

The middle card still sports an address and the last one in the series is out-of-date since on its verso it lists two locations (the butcher shop now has four locations). From the web site comes this latest harnessing of communication technologies:

Because our stores are on busy streets where parking is difficult, we’ve created an easier way for you to shop.

Call in your order ahead of time. Give us enough time to cut and package it up.

Just before you arrive, call us from your car. We’ll meet you out front with your bags ready to go, and process the order on the spot with our wireless terminal. You can pay by debit, Visa or Mastercard.

Drive away. No hassles and no tickets!
Technology aside, it's still nice to walk in the shop and view the selection. Best way to keep up-to-date on what's fresh, seasoned, and aged.

And so for day 1344