Eschatology Eschewed

Gary Thomas Morse
Safety Sand
The "Safe Spaces" sequence

In the opening section, where we are asked to "admit difficulty" from line one, there is a comment that is almost a metacommentary: "when cognitive / tinkering went rogue with / baroque treatment". A few pages later in the second section, we cross a reference to a "chiaroscuro peep show", another sort of metacommentary. Section 21 splits slaughter into an s-curve and laughter or sutures an "s" to "laughter" — we can be difficult about which direction to read the flow. See:

scenes of familial bondage
with accidental
judgments & casual s-
laughter on a bigger screen
around the throat of an
albatross underdog
at the base
        of the great orgy
Elsewhere in the Safe Spaces sequence, there is reference to an "estranged methodology" and taking on this alien method, I venture once again to this minimal unit: this s- conjures for me Hogarth's Analysis of Beauty and the serpentine line. Interesting that this curve is cast in relief by a straight dash. Not an ending. Another metacommentary.

And so for day 2266