Bound together: Serendipity

Algol "The Magazine about Science Fiction" vol. 12 no. 2, Issue no. 24, Summer 1975.

There is a half page advertisement (page 36) from/about the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. The ad copy reads in part:

[...] is one of 73,000 active members of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, a co-operative farm organization that's a model of what farmers can do for themselves. Its goal is to bring stability to agriculture.

In the very same issue is an interview with Ursula K. Le Guin by Jonathan Ward where one reads in part:

When I make up futures I am playing games. I play them with all my heart and soul and put myself into it totally and yet I am not really trying to make a future that I believe in. I am content to take it as it comes. My social activism is separate from my writing. Except, perhaps, for this last book, The Dispossessed, in which being utopian, I am trying to state something which I think desirable — which is a world without authoritarianism. Where people are allowed to act spontaneously instead of always being part of a hierarchy directed from above. If more of that direction could come from below, that's what I'd like to see.

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