Bring the babes to the wake

Peter Kline The Everyday Genius: Restoring Children's Natural Joy of Learning -- and Yours Too

Children are usually comfortable with expressions of strong emotion. When someone is crying they will give warm and affectionate attention. They know all about crying -- it is one of their main activities. Recently I conducted a forty hour workshop for adults which was also attended by a seven month old baby. From time to time during the workshop someone would cry or express intense anger. Whenever this happened, the baby would attend closely to the expression of emotion. She was fascinated, but not distressed or anxious, and there seemed to me to be a loving expression in her eyes. Once the emotion had died down, the baby's attention would wander. Babies respond directly not only to their own need to cry and rage, but other people's as well.

It seems that emotional intelligence begins with an uncanny ability to focus.

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