French Matters

There is in French a distinction between the nouns matériel and matériaux.

Harrap's (French-English dictionary) provides the following definition

matériel: plant working stock (of a factory); implements (of a farm, etc.); stock-in trade.

matériaux: materials.
A little more on the distinctions from the Robert Méthodique
matériel: ensemble des objets, instruments, machines utilisés dans un service, une exploitation (opposé à personnel).

matériaux: Les diverses matières nécessaires à la construction (d'un bâtiment, d'un ouvrage, d'un navire, d'une machine).
It is a distinction that can trip up people. It helps to remember that matériaux go into the construction of matériel. I have an inkling that this lexicographic feature of French may play a role in understanding what Deleuze and Guattari mean by body without organs.

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