Where Arises Language Passing

Nicole Brossard has always been a writer ... with the erotics of the advent of language and articulations. No less a theme in ... "Museum of Bone and Water" in the collection of the same name translated by Robert Majzels and Erín Moure.

What intrigues me is the location of the speaking subject vis-a-vis language. It is not some small little voice at the back of the mind. Its components are out there.

on the line of the horizon as on the screen
we tear the alphabet from dawn's arms
And further on in a subsequent section we come to a set of phrases that can serve as a pendant to the torn alphabet
a theory of vanishing in mind
in each phrase the background murmur of farewell
It is almost as if mind vanishes. But spacious mind captures the vanishing. Holds it.

And so for day 314