Leaf Note Drop

Mark Truscott in a sequence from Said Like Reeds Or Things entitled "IT WAS" conducts the reader on a tour of what can be accomplished by small incremental changes coupled with tactical page-turning. The poetic sequence is printed towards the bottom of the page over a number of pages — it has a lot of white space working through this layout. Let us start in media res on page 73 appears a single suggestive word.

And then on page 74.
The heat.
A hat.
Note the dropped "e". And then on page 75.
The note.
The knot.
Again a dropped "e" but an added consonant. And then on page 76, the sequence is in a sense "restored" with simple dropped "e" (if one remembers the move) and no additional consonant (indeed almost a negation of that additional "k").
A not.
And the sequence ends on page 77
It seemed this was it.
And then there is the attention that can be paid to the alternations of definite ("the") and indefinite ("a") articles. That's it. Almost, There is more to grasp in all the leaves: it so happens that pages 75 and 76 are in recto and verso position to each other i.e. on the two sides of the same leaf one finds the "not" of "knot".

And so for day 745