More Track Laying

In a previous posting, Re-creased Readings, I asked if one could not "map construction onto technology, collaboration onto body and communication on mimesis" and now I am reminded of the three types of mimesis proposed by Paul Ricoeur in Time and Narrative. In that previous posting I let sprout a fragment:

building the tool, tending to the body, managing substitutions
Lots needs to be done to "mine" the alignment with Ricoeur...

In my view the building, tending and managing alignments turn on three stages of interpretation that Ricoeur calls mimesis1 (prefiguration of the field of action), mimesis2 (configuration of the field of action), and mimesis3 (refiguration of the field of action).

Mimesis3 concerns the integration of the imaginative or “fictive” perspective offered at the level of mimesis2 into actual, lived experience.

refiguration = managing substitutions = signification
tending to the body = configuration = communication
building the tool = prefiguration = interpretation

from Caged in our own signs: a book about semiotics by Kyong Liong Kim, I pull this out of context and contrast single meaning (communication) and multiple meaning (signification) and find a place for the work of interpretation - "We should heed the possibility that the same sign can be interpreted in many different ways by different interpreters." ("interpretation is the key in signification because signification aims to evoke multiple meanings.")

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