Sodomy and Myth

Back in the days when I still engaged with the archetypes of Christian thought, I was having a rather inspired day when I typed out the following

Yet it was
the serpent's spectrum
that led Adam to Sodomize Eve
and introduce pleasure into procreation.
I even had a technical explication off to the side about that capitalized "Sodomy"
Sodomize to create cities inimical to angels
agents, messangers of the myth of immortality
Yup that's mess-angers for messengers.

At this late remove it is the hand written annotation above it all that pits "egotism vs grace" that strikes me as the real stake at hand. Still that is a mighty interesting definition of sodomy — at once appealing in its cleansing of illusion and yet those poor damned angels... Yet even more stunning perhaps is the little arrow from "cities" pointing to "growth --> organic superstructures". Neither cities nor angels seem what they might appear to be. In a post-Biblical context it's so very odd that they cannot occupy the same space (heavenly host and heavenly city) But in a universe where there is no heaven at all, the key is in that attitude to immortality — city is perpetually crumbling and requires work all the while... it carries on despite being the site of transience: a special sweet spot.

And so for day 861