Two Tours of MOO Gardens

There are riches in the old worlds of MOO. Take the gardens of Lambda MOO (accessible via Telnet 8888)

One search on the MOO @findroom garden --- a long list of gardens crops up -- matches 103 rooms

Tour One

Log on and follow the directions

out -> The Living Room (#17)
northwest -> The Kitchen (#24)
south -> The Kitchen Patio (#1467)
south -> Base of Large Oak Tree (#2834)
southwest -> Forest (near the Open Field) (#41099)
southeast -> Forest (near the Ruined Garden) (#33183)
southwest -> Forest (near the Green Cathedral) (#63067)
southwest -> Forest (near the Japanese garden) (#69546)
southeast -> Japanese Garden (#38351)
There's a Buddha statue in the Japanese Garden that reads your karma once you meditate (sit down first). You can also feed the fish in the pond. In the Forest (near the Open Field) you can carve messages into an oak.

Tour Two

In the long list of gardens, I found Merry's Herb Garden (#3661) which is owned by Merry (#97613) and has (in my mind's eye a large slab of) smooth riverstone with an engraving...
It is better, I think, to reach for the stars
than to sit flustered because you know you cannot reach them.
At least he who reaches will get a good view,
a good stretch, and perhaps even
a low hanging apple for his effort.

--Montolio DeBrauche
This may be a saying from Montolio Debrouchee -- a blinded Ranger from the Forgotten Realms and in that direction further adventure lies.

And so for day 854