Drawing Writing

Generating complexity. From Andrew Piper "Of Note" chapter in Book Was There. [ Can you spot the complex sentence? ]

But in learning to write with our hands, we are also learning a different kind of knowledge altogether. When we write with our hands we are also learning how to draw, just as when we learn to draw we are learning to think more complexly with words. Research suggests that early elementary school students who draw before they write tend to produce more words and more complex sentences than those who do not. And as historians of writing have shown, writing makes drawing more analytical. It allows for more complex visual structures and relations to emerge. As Goethe remarked, word and image, drawing and writing, are correlates that eternally search for one another. handwriting is an integral means of their convergence.
[our underlining]
This can be converted into a meditation in praise of flip charts and smartboards and picture taking and tagging.

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