Joining the Transformative Listening

So I read "venerable" for "vulnerable" towards the end of "Perspectors/Melancholia" in Lisa Robertson's Nilling: "Resistance is the vulnerable utopia of inwardness" and in so doing I enact or some part of me plays out what Robertson had noted earlier in the paragraph that begins "Melancholy is big contemplative utopia." and in which she observes

Transformation may include decay, multiplication, reversal, inflation or minification, fragmentation or annexation, plus all the Ovidian modalities.
One of my favourite modalities is juxtapositon. And so from an essay later in Nilling about the "Disquiet" that is ever present and is a source of continuity and change
But a retreat into the present's inconspicuousness is not asocial; thinking moves in the replete temporality of other thinkers, listening moves among other listeners, continuing on paths others have taken. This is a present also.
BTW prospecting for "perspectors" one comes to this definition "The point at which the three lines connecting the vertices of two perspective triangles concur, sometimes also called the perspective center, homology center, or pole."

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