Latencies and Cadence

Tim Lilburn in the preface to Thinking and Singing has this phrase which I lift from an enumeration of other phrases and leave to stand alone: "lifting to the tongue latent things". Out of its context I would have its latencies serve as a lively echo to this section from Dennis Lee's contribution ("Body Music: Notes on Rhythm in Poetry") to the collection of essays by various voices. Early in Lee's essay this section incorporates some of the key technical vocabulary from his essay but lays it out as a poem in itself.

I'm drawn to terms like these.
         Prosody as sonic improvisation. Polyrhythmic form. A kinetics of meaning: clenched, a galumph, then wash of a liminal segue. Forward momentum; lateral gusts. Kinaesthetic knowing. Trajectories in audio space. Scoring the energy spoor. The rhythmic manifold. A poetics of voice in motion. Cosmophony. Body music.
For a different mode or cadence, go backwards, body music, cosmophony, a poetics of voice in motion, the rhythmic manifold... dropping from the tongue.

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