Intertwingling Tingles

Ted Nelson. Dream Machines

Everything is deeply intertwingled.
Presentational sequences are arbitrary.
Birds --> Bees --> Flowers
Flowers --> Birds --> Bees
Flowers --> People --> Birds
Hierarchies are typically spurious.
Language     God
Truth     Man
Logic     Yale
Boundaries of fields are arbitrary.
[image of a circle with Yin Yang curve and radial segments: two overlapping ways of organizing the space]
So Nelson asserts: "Compartmentalized and stratified teaching produces compartmentalized and stratified minds." It does not follow. For example rote learning such as memorizing times tables leads to an ability to navigate the matrix at will i.e. disciplined learning is the bedrock of flexibility. See Grids, Lists, Clusters. The shapes of presentation are indeed fungible. From that insight one ought not to leap to the conclusion that shapes are prisons.

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