Lists Become Plot Lines

Insurgent, the film adaptation of the second novel in the Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth impressed me by the enchaînement of the sequence of trials by simulation. The progress through the factions (societal divisions similar to clans): dauntless, candor, abnegation, erudite, amity. The order matters. The protagonist cannot achieve success in the latter stages without passing through the previous trials. For example, the amity trial depends upon candor — there can be no peace without frankness.

And each of the five factions has a symbol similar to a Japanese crest.

The skill with which screenplay was shot, has me wondering if there is someone who could treat the 12 Shaker virtues to a similar plot rendering. The Shakers come to mind so many times

They may be denominated and arranged in the following order; Faith, Hope, Honesty, Continence, Innocence, Simplicity, Meekness, Humility, Prudence, Patience, Thankfulness, and Charity.

A SUMMARY VIEW of the MILLENNIAL CHURCH or United Society of Believers, commonly called SHAKERS. General Principles of their Faith and Testimony. Published by the Shakers in 1823; Reprinted in 1848. [Excerpt Transcribed from the 1848 Second Edition]
Why the Shakers? I have just been fascinated by the listing of twelve virtues ever since I read it in Edward D. Andrews The Gift to Be Simple: Songs Dances And Rituals Of The American Shakers. The challenge of linking cinematic action to the listing is like shaping a story around the timeless but sequential. (And frankly I think some of the aesthetic elements in the Divergent film universe have Shaker inspiration.)

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