Pet Metaphors

Robert Kelly introduction to Thomas Meyer The Umbrella of Aesculapius.

Each age of poetry seems to have a pet metaphor drawn from other arts for an inward vision of its own nature; so in the sixteenth the stage, seventeenth the choir, eighteenth the senate or the coffee-house, so in our century [20th] we seem to have toyed with the image of ourselves as dancers and our shared work as a most complex dance. […] Writing the poem, then, is discovery, trobar, finding the music and cooperating with the linguistic event — a dance sometimes of standing aside. [dated Feb. 1974]
And would the informing metaphor for this our 21st century be the network? Link to link, node to node.

To borrow and extrapolate Jane Gregory's blurb to Julie Joosten's Light Light, poetic practice involves putting
the hive back in archive, the source in the resource
Net Work - the great task of knitting the knots. That is poetry for our time.

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