Regressions and Leaping

Helen Humphreys "Postscript" in the "Souvenirs" section of Nuns Looking Anxious Listening to Radios — these are the concluding words pointing to an event or space beyond words…

When language has abandoned us
and we can say
perhaps just one thing
that will be understood,
what do we choose
to say of ourselves?

What sound will tell
of who we are?
Let us travel beyond the border of what may be communicated with or without language to the ever present nothingness. This is the telling sound of who we are.

Nothing exists, yet fascinating
The ants scurrying in moonlight.

It is the eye deceives:
The ants—they are but moonlight.

The idea of being's impossible:
There's neither moon nor ants.
Shinkichi Takahashi Afterimages: Zen Poems translated by Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto.

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