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Seth Mydans writes about Seema Kirmani …

In a country [Pakistan] where most women cover their heads and some hide inside full-body burkas, where sexual feelings are seen as a challenge to purity and uprightness, a dancing woman is a defiance and a threat, and Ms. Kermani knows it. […] For all her vibrancy, when Ms. Kermani dances she is already an artifact of the past, a ghost dancer leaping and whirling as if her world were not already dying around her. (
Knowing who she is gives these lines a certain airy gravitas … daily signs, daily consequences.
Thus each of our gestures amounts
To a critique of the whole concept of action.

"Serenade" for Seema Kirmani Donald Britton In the Empire of the Air: The Poems of Donald Britton edited by Reginald Shepherd and Philip Clark.
Knowing who he is … further suspensions

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