To Take the Trouble

Elizabeth David on taking the trouble (from A Book of Mediterranean Food), trouble with food and trouble as applied (by the reviewer and list complier) to writing:

Finally, all her work expresses a credo about cooking that, with equal justice, might apply to English prose at its finest and most natural:
"Good cooking is honest, sincere and simple, and by this I do not mean to imply that you will find in this, or indeed in any other book, the secret of turning out first-class food in a few minutes with no trouble. Good food is always a trouble and its preparation should be regarded as a labour of love, and this book is intended for those who actually and positively enjoy the labour involved in entertaining their friends."
Paul Bertolli would recall this notion of taking trouble in the introduction to his cookbook Cooking by Hand. A thought worthy of passing on. Now not only about cooking.

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