Those that love the crisp chill in the air have a soul mate in Nigel Slater on winter:

The icy prickle across your face as you walk out into the freezing air. The piercing burn to your sinuses, like wasabi. Your eyes sparkle, your ears tingle. The rush of cold to your head is stimulating, vital, energising.

The arrival of the first snap of cold is invigorating, like jumping into an ice pool after the long sauna of summer. Winter feels like a renewal, at least it does to me. I long for that ice-bright light, skies of pale blue and soft grey light that is at once calm and gentle, fresh and crisp. Away from the stifling airlessness of summer, I once again have more energy. Winter has arrived.
For a larger treatment of Winter as idea and cultural construct treat yourself to Adam Gopnick's Massey Lectures: Winter: Five Windows on the Season.

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