Respect, Care, Cooking

Signe Johansen in the introduction to Solo: The Joy of Cooking for One cites Nigel Slater and provides good company for the cook.

Consider Solo: The Joy of Cooking for One as a sisterly companion, a book that celebrates those moments when you make the time to cook a simple dish for yourself. As Nigel Slater once wrote: 'Cooking for yourself is simply a matter of self-respect' — an act of kindness to yourself that nourishes both mind and body. So, rather than asking why you should bother cooking for yourself, try reframing your thinking: start with the assumption that looking after yourself is an essential act of kindness, and suddenly cooking a few simple dishes doesn't seem like such a chore.
Nigel's piece in The Guardian appears under the title "Table for one" with a subhead "Cooking for yourself isn't a chore - it's a licence to wallow in culinary desire".

And how a solo goes duo and even a trio — Nigel Slater references Delia Smith's One is Fun.

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