Building Taste

From a note to my niece who is now employed in the food industry.

I thought of you the other day and how your tastes have evolved. A friend's report of their expanding set of grandchildren reminded me of my own father's delight in his grandchildren. One of his favourite exercises of grandfatherly prerogative was introducing young palates to new foodstuffs (much to the consternation of my mother when very spicy items were involved — she feared for delicate stomachs). He helped build many happy memories of the first steps, first words and those first reactions to novel tastes. (I think I owe him my fondness for salted black liquorice.)

Wishing you many more food adventures.
I used to loathe cooked celery. Now I find its grassy note welcome. I also now like my coffee two ways: black and unsweetened or Vietnamese candy-style with sweetened condensed milk. I also with age tolerate bitter better even seek it out in endive. I have fallen heavily for the umami flavour of uni (sea urchin). And I remember to smell before and during tasting.

And so for day 2426