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Style brought to you by the hand. By the ear. By the eye. By the mind.

George Swede's signature is tight and compact like his talent for short verse forms such as haiku and tanka. Jan Zwicky's signature is aswish with an almost Renaissance flourish and signifies nicely her musicality.

george swede signature jan zwicky signature
george swede Tell Tale Feathers jan zwicky Art of Fugue

I am unwinding
like a ball
of red wool
between the paws
of a black cat

from all angles
this way
and that
I am leaving behind
a thin trail
of yarn
full of frays
and tangles

from Tell Tale Feathers - Fiddlehead Poetry Books No. 229, 1978
A room, a table, and four chairs.
The chairs are made of wood,
the floor is wood,
the walls are bare. But windowed.
West light, east light. And a scent
like cedar in the air. Here, the self
will sit down with the self.
Now it will say
what it has to say. It looks
into its own eyes. Listens.

from Art of Fugue - Vallum Chapbook Series No. 6, 2009.

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