Impasse triggers imagination. Obstacles are tackled by the detour of description. Take two lines from Sybil Turnbull:

under backward leaning birches like scarecrow

handwriting against the sky

Further through mudra and mantra, with a pose acting as an antenna to an envelope of sound, the tour d'obstacle tackles the aside: ward back, scare a crow. A shift in the murmur, scalpel-sure in its accuracy, trains the sample to holoresonant assonance. over under hand again

Mandela moves. Hopscotch. Mimicry.

Mandela move. Spin whirl. Vertigo.

Each vowel, as like an almond dipped in honey, permits the tongue no chance for competition, the poem is a sketch that stretches the imagination, like a tool, like a mandela.

And so for day 58