Look See Listen Hear

R.D. Laing in Self and Others in the first chapter "Phantasy and Experience" reproduces Susan Isaacs's summary of the argument in her 1952 paper "The nature and function of Phantasy". One of the views developed is that

The earliest phantasies are experienced as sensations; later they take the form of plastic images and dramatic representations.

This could be read as a succession (sensations followed by plastic images and then by dramatic representations) or as a fork (sensations giving rise to either plastic images or dramatic representations).

And in some sense the art of sculpture and the theatre arts are related to rhythm, sound and movement. The hollow thump of body against body.

And after a fashion the path from sensation to plastic image to dramatic representation or the path from sensation to dramatic representation (and by u-turn to plastic image) is re-conducted re-travelled. There is not a single origin but a constant origination.

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