Smaller for longer

The little red book of quotations from Chairman Mao provides an excerpt from On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People

The only way to settle questions of an ideological nature or controversial issues among the people is by the democratic method, the method of discussion, of criticism, of persuasion and education, and not by the method of coercion or repression.

And so begins a little campaign of education: asking the vendors if they sell 8 oz when their small is 16 oz. Asking if they might halve the 3 inch cookies. Ready to pay not a lesser price but an equal price knowing that it is an investment to consume less and pay more. Walking away from the purchase if accommodation cannot be made. It is easy to fill a cup to the half way mark or to split a cookie.

Micro theatre for a planet. Revolutions to go.

And so for day 68