Learning languages and games of self-construction

Juxtaposing the passage about language [langue] minus speech [parole] from Roland Barthes as translated by Annette Lavers and Colin Smith in Elements of Semiology

Moreover, this social product is autonomous, like a game with its own rules, for it can be handled only after a period of learning.

with a passage from Stephen Batchelor from Buddhism Without Beliefs

Who "I am" appears coherent only because of the monologue we keep repeating, editing, censoring, and embellishing in our heads.

and through mindful attentiveness and we observe that the sentence quoted above is preceded by this one

And instead of a coherent personality that stretches back in an unbroken line to a first memory and looks forward to an indefinite future, we discover a self ridden with gaps and ambiguities. Who "I am" appears [...]

If there is a game in which one manages the pauses and the breaks, it is worth learning. Meditation as game. Gaming as language learning. Skipping along.

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