Yogurt Yoga and Contortions

Gayl Jones has a narrator in Mosquito do some neat twists and turns with language, all in a particular voice.

[...] less they thinks everybody got the dextrosity, I means dexterity, of them circus jugglers. Or what them other circus creatures? Not them acrobats. Them contortionists. They think everybody got the dextrosity and dexterity of them contortionists. Well, I guess them contortionists they supposed to be acrobats too, but they seem more extraordinary then them ordinary acrobats. Or like them that do that yoga. Like my friend Delgadina she do that yoga. She say that yoga ain't just exercise, it a whole philosophy. Be saying there's different types of yoga. Not that yogurt, 'cause that yoga and that yogurt do got the same sound to them and a lot of the peoples that does that yoga eats that yogurt. Ain't just the countercultural neither, like it usedta be. That yoga and that yogurt is mainstream today. Them yoga postures only makes you look like you's a contortionist, but you ain't a true contortionist.

Again that voice, most particular.

And so for day 212