Any Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook has a recipe for "Baked Stuffed Onions" in which the tops of cooked onions are sliced off and the centres scooped out. The scooped-out onions are sauted and spooned over the stuffed onions. This reminds me of soubise.

And so I looked up Soubise in Len Deigthon's Où est le garlic? in which soubise is described as the addition of cooked onions to béchamel. Oddly not what I recalled (a mixture of cooked rice and onions pureed).

I checked Escoffier's Ma Cuisine where it is called "Sauce ou purée soubise". No trace of a bechamel base.

All this cross-checking is assisted by good indices. And it generates an appetite. Time to head for the kitchen.

And so for day 426