A prolonged meditation on various psychic states is what marks the short story by Brian Vickers entitled "The Coded Sun Game" and published in Quark 3 edited by Samuel Delany and Marilyn Hacker. The piece reads in part like a cross between Burroughs and Joyce. For example:

0: Zero or Omega / the auto-wrecking lot has auto-wrecked itself — "It's high time" — A neon sky contains his blue jeans and broken teeth, but I laugh: my shirt has unique red symbols painted by the priestess, not the son — He who gets hurt — My walls shake with seismic withdrawal thunder, Ultra-Hysteric Freakuency [...]

What I find intriguing are the changes in pronoun that refocus the reader's distance from the speaker or narrator — one is never quite sure if the first person will hold, indeed, one attempts to ride the channel surfing anticipating the next shift.

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