Bubbling Branches

Douglas Barbour. Breath Takes

branches of the mothering tree of life
from "breath ghazal 59:" which has the annotation "Barrier Reef Snorkeling" which of course speaks to the profusion of the coral; evidently mothering signals birthing on a grand scale; it also has hints of the shape of the coral — since mothering is also the frothing on fermenting liquids. Earlier in the conjunction with water there is a similar play of multiplicity and the cumulative effect of small units. "breath ghazal 23:" [the announcing and breaking colons in these titles are Barbour's]
huge drops kiss the lake
drum lightly on the roof above our heads
And configured throughout the series of the ghazals are representations of inhaling and exhaling, a whole onomatopoetc vocabulary of breathing, and they too like the coral and like the rain drops punctuate the text. And yet the reader doesn't drown.

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