Noise Forms Poetry

poetry is born in noise
That is not quite what she said/wrote. In the Afterword to The Crisp Day Closing on My Mind which is itself given a title: "Those Mysteries of Which We Cannot Plainly Speak".
Poetry always involves play, getting pleasure out of noise one produces; poetry also usually involves a belief in the power of these noises. Perhaps not in the power of these noises to produce food, but perhaps in their power to uplift the spirit, enlarge perception, influence opinion. And perhaps sometimes in their power to evoke complexities and mysteries of which we cannot plainly speak. But poetry begins as noise.
M. Travis Lane (Laurier Poetry Series, 2007). And from Form. A Series (Book Thug, 2011) by Mark Truscott I hereby quote and invert two paragraph/stanzas.
Truth is impossible without an acknowledgement of noise.

FORMAL DISTORTION is characterized by noise. Noise is a hint toward the mechanisms of form. Noise is in fact form's ground and necessary condition.

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