Portrait of the Artist with a Cigarette

Hockney, David.

from the brochure for "fresh flowers" which was on view at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

With the iPhone I often drew with my thumb. I could hold it in my right hand and my thumb could reach every corner of the screen as it was small and the fulcrum of the thumb is within the thumb. I learned to type with my thumb as well, holding the phone in my right hand. I could then have a cigarette in my left hand to help me concentrate. I was one of the first to get an iPad simply because it was bigger and I assumed the drawings could be more complicated. I suggested to friends that they get one and I would send them the drawings. There was a new thing on the iPad. You could play the drawing back with the press of a button. I had never seen myself draw before, this also seemed fascinating to everybody I showed them to. The only thing seen like this before was Picasso drawing on glass for a film.
Drawing and drawing (as in drawing on a cigarette).

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