Recalling Sam The Record Man Spins

TOK: Writing the New Toronto, Book 7 presented by Diaspora Dialogues was designed by The Office of Gilbert Li whose page layout (lots of white space at the bottom and bunching of type at the top) took a little getting used to. However, striking are the illustrations that accompany the texts. In particular, the one for Irving Ellman's "The Poet's Voice" recalls in its design the huge signs that adorned Sam The Record Man and spun out their radiating light. The story of course features visiting the store. In lieu of a quotation from the story, here is a scan of the illustration that doesn't quite do it justice since the book has illustrations on the left and the title/author on the right of the spread for each of the texts. Difficult to reproduce the pairing. Nonetheless, here is the visual homage to Sam's.

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