Hearing, Emotion and Multimedia

First a little text to consider:

Anthony Storr, in Music and the Mind, talks about the close link between hearing and emotions. He points out that hearing is much more closely related to emotions than vision is. If we see a wounded animal or person, he says, we are never as moved as we are if we hear the animal or person's anguished screams with our ears. He theorizes that the strong link between hearing and feeling may be related to the fact that we can hear before we can see, as the sense of hearing is developed in the womb early, before the sense of vision is formed.

from Beverly Biderman, Wired for Sound (Toronto: Trifolium Books, 1998), pp. 25-26.
Next, a couple of questions for multimedia students:
  • Consider your use of sound and images in an opening sequence. How much of your design is currently affected by your training and technical know-how?
  • What is the role of ambient sound in your project?
  • Is the relation between moving and still images similar to the relation between sound and images?
And so for day 995