Roaming The Discussion Starter

OMEP - Organisation mondiale pour l'éducation préscolaire

From the front section of a pamphlet (French and English vocabulary list with definitions) printed in Britain.

Discussions are a most valuable part of OMEP World Assemblies. For the 1961 VIIIth World Assembly in Zagreb a vocabulary for use in discussions about child development was printed in OMEP News Letter No. 4. National Committees then made suggestions which have been incorporated in this vocabulary for the 1962 IXth World Assembly in London.

No on has to accept any definition given here. But if in discussion another meaning is given to a word, then the different meaning should be defined.
The front cover illustrated by Gillian, age 7.

And now the found poem:
Temper tantrum

Accèss de colère
Mais si, dans la discussion, on désire donner à un terme un sens autre que celui du lexique, il y aura lieu de le préciser.

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