After Party Glow

Tove Jansson
Moominvalley in November
Translated by Kingsley Hart

After the others had left, Fillyjonk remained standing in the middle of the floor, lost in thought. Everything was upside down, the streamers had been trodden on, the chairs overturned and the lanterns had dripped candlewax over everything. She picked up a Welsh rarebit off the floor, bit a piece off distractedly and threw the rest in the rubbish bucket. A successful party, she said to herself.
After this scene, Fillyjonk makes a recovery. She resumes her core behaviour of cleaning. She earlier in the novel avoids a fall off a roof while cleaning windows. She develops a phobia. However, the party aftermath marks a return to her habits. A restoration of sorts.

This passage struck me because a while ago I myself mused about cleanup as part of the celebration…

if celebrations incorporate the consumption of remains
if doing the dishes is part of the ritual
then dance into the magic

the logic is simple

Valorizing housework can be politically informed and Jansson provides a scene (after the party) where the cast of characters regardless of gender get on with the cleaning. She also furnishes an illustration of the group in full swing.

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