Stocking the Pond: Faunal Disappearances

When you catch a good sentence… you are inclined to release and let it go.

Me, sometimes, I like to bring the animal to a new environment, watch it wiggle in the wide sea. Such activity is a type of specialized baiting. Often we catch signs of nibblers.

Archaeological evidence for fish eating is limited by the typically rapid decomposition of fish bones in certain soils, with the result that fish consumption is likely to be underrepresented in faunal remains.
Kathy L. Pearson. "Nutrition and the Early-Medieval Diet" in Speculum Vol. 72. No. 1 (January 1997) p. 9.

Marvellous what breeds in intellectual ecosystems. See links to citations including "Cultural symbolism of fish and the psychotropic properties of omega-3 fatty acids".

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