Winter Exhalations

Existential blocks carved out of three different poems in The Latest Winter by Maggie Nelson.

Yes the dissonance is truth,
whether it is killing me or not
is not relevant, as I am trying
to write without knowing
who I am.
Once I thought
I might be lonely, then I knew
my mind would always talk
to me.
A child straps on
her backpack, gets ready
to know.
Without talking, without knowing, a way of writing. Always placing the comma where it counts, where it can be savoured,
All I want to say is
I breathed you, we all breathed you
We breathed the souls of people
I think it was the souls of people
So ends a poem "Report from the Field" which expands beyond its occasion rooted in a New York of 2001 into a generalized take on breathing and the hesitations of the thinking mind.

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